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One2OhMyGod is a java client to iTunes4 library sharing protocol.  It has been tested on linux, Windows, and Mac OS.  It should work on just about anything that supports java, though.


It uses JRendezvous from Strangeberry, Inc. to discover hosts on the local network, and uses JavaLayer from JavaZOOM to play MP3s.

Source is available through sourceforge cvs.  The module name is one2ohmygod.

UPDATE: 2-22-2004
Now released VERSION 0.3, with support for iTunes >=4.0.1!!!

UPDATE: 5-28-2003
Yeah, one 2 oh my god doesn't work with iTunes 4.0.1. If anyone with a mac wants to help out, google for tcpflow and install it, then run tcpflow and connect to a 4.0.1 iTunes share. tcpflow should spit out a bunch of files of the form IPADDRESS.MAGICNUMBER-OTHERIPADDRESS.OTHERMAGICNUMBER. send those files to me :)

UPDATE: 5-25-2003
Now released VERSION 0.2 (link removed)!!!

  • Double-Click now works to select the playing Song
  • Updated packaging! now you don't need to get javaLayer and jRendezvous separately, just run java like:
    java -jar /path/to/One2OhMyGod.jar
    OR double click on the jar file in your favorite file manager

    Version 0.1 release info:
    Version 0.1 had some loops to jump through in order to run One 2 Oh My God. This is no longer applicable due to the new packaging.
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